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Word combinations at What3Words

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With the new Mercedes A-Class, What3Words comes into car navigation systems. What3Words has divided the world into 57 trillion squares of 3m x 3m each and assigned each square a combination of 3 words of natural language. This makes it much easier to enter addresses; problem cases such as duplicate or similar street names are elegantly avoided. And you can even name any point exactly where there are no street names without having to deal with cumbersome coordinates.

You can find the Tower Bridge in London under “result.full.export”, the Eiffel Tower in Paris under “digit.forgets.feed”, the small port of Nuuk on Greenland under “money.into.welfare” and the airport Tokyo Haneda under “kinds.convert.whom”.

This is available in several languages, but not as translations. The square at Haneda Airport is defined in German “proben.freunde.heilt” and in French as “allumer.vigoureux.bourrier”, in other words with terms that have a completely different meaning. A real translation would add only little value and would often contradict the design principle that the terms should be easy to understand and there is little risk of confusion within a language.

The example of the port of Nuuk “money.into.welfare” shows that there may be combinations that make sense. Not all terms of a language are available, but with a little trial and error you can quickly find speaking combinations. These include combinations which could be relevant for businesses: A travel agency that can be found under “last.minute.travel” could have a competitive advantage. Should the system prevail, I am curious whether high-quality virtual What3Words addresses will have an influence on office and shop rents. But it won’t be quite that dramatic, because the What3Words addresses are fixed and rarely define places that can be used in a reasonable way. So with “last.minute.travel”: This point is located on a farm land in China.

Combination Location
healthy.organic.food near Milforf, Pennsylvania, USA
last.minute.deals near Martinsville, Virginia, USA
rent.fast.cars Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA
rent.luxury.cars near Consett, United Kingdom


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