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Geneva International Motor Show 2018

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My tour to the Geneva Motor Show 2018 first led to Sion in the canton of Valais, Switzerland, approx. 95 km east of Geneva. Since 2016 there has been a test operation with autonomous buses on one line and since 2017 on two lines through the city.

Autonomous bus Sion

Self-driving bus in Sion

The next morning I set off for Geneva. Short photo stop at Lake Geneva near Montreux:

Lake Geneva near Montreux, Switzerland

The show opened that day at 9 o’clock and at 08:30 I was shortly before Geneva. But that was hopelessly too late, because many other people had the same idea to break in at that time. So I needed about one hour for the last 5 km due to traffic jam. But the parking directly at the airport was perfectly organized, every single car was led by a chain of marshallers, each of which drew attention with flashlights. We were guided to a specific parking space and the guidance only ended when the engine was switched off. Same principle as on the other side of the fence, where the airplanes are led into their parking positions.

Parking at Geneva Airport

Parking at Geneva Airport

The exhibition covered 7 halls, Hall 3 being very small and Hall 7 being mainly concerned with workshops and other technical equipment. The booths with the most visitors were on one hand the “real” dream cars and on the other hand the very practical vehicles for everyday life.

Geneva Motor Show 2018

Photography was easily possible because many cars were surrounded by a barrier. Sometimes there was also the combination of a vehicle with a barrier and an identical or similar model to touch and sit in. An exception was the Aston Martin Lagonda. It stood in its own area within the Aston Martin exhibition area, which in turn was restricted in access and only a few visitors were allowed to enter at the same time, so patience was required here.

Hybrid Kinetic Group GT

A Hybrid Kinetic Group GT

The respectful way visitors treat each other has struck me as very positive. And also the stand staff was consistently friendly and courteous at all my encounters despite the masses. An amusing situation was this: the stand of an assistance system, advertised as new, was occupied by a young lady and a young gentleman. Both had already been at the end of their knowledge at the first question about the functional principle. It reminded me of my own first trade fair services, which probably weren’t exactly glorious either. We all started once…

Car cleaning

The cars were carefully cleaned over and over again

The return journey began as the outward journey had ended: with a traffic jam.

Looking back it was a great experience, I can only recommend a visit to everyone.


  • Buy tickets online beforehand
  • be there early
  • Take selfies right at the beginning, as long as there are less people there and as long as you still look fresh 🙂
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